Backblast by Phunny on 08/11/2022

7 HIM met in the Youngsville gloom yesterday at the Armory for some Phun times…

*Thing 1*: After warmup, we quick moseyed over to paint some lines in the parking lot, with a nice little burpee at the top of the line. Once done, quick mosey to a short 7 – 1 merkin at one parking line, bear crawl 2 parking lines to 6 4-ct mountain climbers, then crawl bear back for 2 & 5, etc.

*Thing 2*: Moseyed over to the rock pile for a travel rock, then found a long stretch of pavement for the Thing 2 beatdown. Pax performed 10 reps of “halo” lunges (lunge with knew on ground, from front of face move rock around head to face, then return… like a halo), then dropped the rock and ran to end of pavement. 10 reps of 4-ct X-Factors. Ran back to start for 5 burpees. Run back to rock for 10 more reps of halo lunges. Repeato 2 more times for a total of 4 sets of lunges (last 2 sets were rock overhead not halo)

*Thing 3*: Moseyed to a nice area for another 7 with longer run than the first one. Exercises were Jack Webb-style: 1 squat/4 monkey humpers, run, 6 WW2/24 American hammers, run back to start, 2 squats/8 monkey humpers, run, 5 WW2/20 American hammers, etc.

*COT*, prayers for Sayak’s father and Counterfeit’s mother who lost her husband a few years ago, and for my son & relatives coming to live with us.