Backblast by Sharkbait (Jarrod Scott) on 08/11/2022

Excalibur 72° with an occasional breeze
9 pax
This morning was a minimal run day since YHC is still recovering from a tender knee suffered from the condition called “being old”. Fortunately the 2.0 still has her truck on my premises so it was utilized to bring out the logs. After the obligatory disclaimer, purpose statement and warm up we embarked upon “the thang”. Our mall Walker Cousteau joined in on the fun but I’m pretty sure I could hear him cry “MoonShine where art thou?”
We moseyed to our traditional pull up bar section for our morning call of tin pull ups while everyone else works on their ww2.
Within moseyed back toward the patios for an venture into the most miserable of indigenous runs. This consisted of an inchworm lineup while the trailing six went to the front via a bear crawl.
Once we made it back to the flag we paired up and grabbed a log with the odd person out grabbing a mini log. We rifle carried the logs around the main parking lot at his corner stopping for a log exercise that included 20 curls, 20 squats, 20 shoulder taps, 20 World War II‘s, and 20 bent over rows. On one edge of the parking lot one partner log flipped while the other ran a lap around.
Hubert takes over for the belt challenge which involved 130 muricans in quick succession and beat crawls in between 80 of the muricans. In the final 50 muricans Deez Fools won out and YHC was personally glad for I was afraid I was going to finish the final 50 and take it.

Enough time for some Mary at the end with 30 lBC IC, low slow flutters, 30 heels to heaven, horizontal Kariokies, and 10 calf-ankle-toes.

Pax of Tarzan, Hubert, Lucky, Deez Fools, Bill Nye, Flush, Cousteau, Counterfeit, and YHC. Prayers for Counterfeit’s mother, Flush’s father, teachers going back, and Deez Fools traveling. Make it a great day! And thanks for letting me lead.