Backblast by Phunny on 08/21/2022

13 HIM met at the Farm yesterday for some some good times. Arriving just in time, YHC led the warm-up, waiting for both Boingo and Lucky to get back from their pre-run and for Old Spice to arrive for the belt challenge (but no show, sniffle).

• *Thing 1*: after a lap around the short loop, we all stopped at the pull-up bars for 3 cindy’s (5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats), then continued around the loop for 10 impromptu OYO burpees at one of the shelters.
• *Thing 2*: at the big picnic shelter, we stopped for some 10-20-30’s. 10 derkins, 20 step-ups, 30 CBL’s, then run to the big brown “dumpster” (whatever you call it). Then 10 derkins, 20 bulgarian squats (10/side), 30 LBC’s, then run to the dumpster.
• *Thing 3*: at the soccer field, pax grabbed a non-travel rock and lined up at the sideline.15 curls, 15 hakuna matata’s – leave the rock and run the field to 30 WW2’s, then 30 lunges back/run the rest of the way. Repeato with 10 reps with the rock, 20 WW2’s, 10 lunges/run back. Repeato with 5 reps with the rock, 10 WW2’s, 10 broad jumps/run back.
• *Post-Thing 3*: on the way back to start point, we did sprint intervals along the path with some recovery mosey/walks.
• *Mary Go-Round*: with 5 minutes left, pax took turns with calling some Mary.
• *COT*, No belt challenge