Backblast by Green Thumb on 08/22/2022

Site: Agoge
Q: Green Thumb
PAX: 14
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GreenThumb was coming in hot but made it on time with untied shoes. Thank goodness Agoge is close.

Warmup: SSH, hillbillies, good mornings, Willie Mays Hayes, Sir Fazios, & Tie your shoes Q

PAX mozied to the blocks and benches near the quad for a descending ladder of derkins, Bulgarian split squats, and dips. Start at 25 reps for each exercise, then run a lap around SEBS HQ. Decrease reps by 5, with a lap around the building after each set until PAX reaches 5 reps.

A short recovery walk to the back of SEBS HQ for a 3-person AMRAP Dora. Exercises, worst squats ever, worst merkins ever, and LBCs. One Pax completing AMRAP of said exercise until relieved, one Pax running to Brinkley Chapel, and one Pax conducting Pax choice on chapel steps, serpentine stair run, or calf raises. We completed two cycles (each Pax completed two AMRAP sets of each exercise) before heading back to the flag. This left enough time for about 1 min of Mary and birthday burpees for Poncharella.

Check our 1st Regional newsletter and> for the Deacon if you are attending. We still need volunteers and a solid headcount for the post-Deacon 2nd F BBQ and Beverage at Oak City Brewery (right next to our finish spot)

Prayers for 2.0’s as they head back to school near and far. #1st-f