Backblast by Green Thumb on 08/17/2022

8/17/2022 #1st-f
Site: The Armory
Q: Green Thumb
PAX: 8
@tpnealjr, @thompi8255, Alpaca, Counterfeit, @schafer.chris.25, Bowser, Lucky

Warmup: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Good Mornings, Willie Mays Hayes, Sir Fazios, & Merkins

Mozied to parking area near the rock pile for a round of rack’m and stack’m . PAX traveled 4 corners, approximately 50 yrds apart, in suicide fashion around the square. Corner 1, back, corner 2, back, Corner 3, back, corner 4, back. Each time passing a corner PAX completed specific exercises each time passing a corner. Corner 1 – 10 plank Jacks (sc), Corner 2 – 20 merkins, corner 3 – 30 jump squats, corner 4 – 40 American hammers (ic).

Next up was Rock’n Dora. Pax grabbed a rock and partnered up to complete 100 each of curls, tri-extensions, overhead press, and bent over rows. Travels was to 2nd light post and back. With a little extra time for all PAX to complete 35 block heads (pull-overs)

Mozied back to the flag for 3 minutes of Mary.

Prayers for Lucky and Ham’s families as they travel.