Backblast by Billy Goat (Dylan) on 11/01/2022

Rain Doubt

Twelve doppler watchers stayed dry at the “Goatnasium” pop-up at Bandwidth. Heavy rains overnight turned the favorite stomps in muddy messes that even a commitment to “Always Outdoors” would not test.

Warmarama yielded quick results with SSH, Good Mornings, Imperial Walkers and Sir Fazio Arm Circles before taking a run around the community center and elementary school. The carpool drop-off awning served as the site to today’s hastily packed beat down featuring circuit training interrupted only by a tabata timer of “06:15” for a YHQ led cardio thumper. Stations included: ladder agility, Colt .45s with a CMU, Y-T-pulls on the TRX, squat to press with a CMU, lunging paddle boarders with the Rip Trainer, Gorilla rows with 27 lb Y-bells, jump ropes, resistance band flyes/rows/presses, SelecTech bench press, and sandbag carries. PAX also creatively mixed in their own favorite imaginary rope tricks, dips, merkins, squats, etc. when waiting on equipment.

For the Q led work, round 1 was LR step ups, round 2 was up/downs, round 3 was a parking lot run, and round 4 was Sevens with Merkins and Bobby Hurleys.

Be sure to post a “Go30” goal for November in the Google Docs spreadsheet (link forthcoming). Schenk Forest race is this coming Saturday.

Prayers for Oscar Mayer’s daughter, the premie in Roscoe P’s M’s care, and the Ukraine.

Great push, Men!

— with Geoffrey Kutch and 9 others.