Backblast by Billy Goat on 12/28/2022

AO: Quarantine

Pax: Bill Nye, Boyz 2 Men, Zeke (Boyz 2 Men’s 2.0), Chargrill, Iverson, Jingle, Madison (downrange from Charlotte), Oscar Mayer, Pierogi, Shark Bait, Spit Valve, Thingamabob, Tube Top

Q: Billy Goat

Sixteen PAX wrapped 2022 at Quarantine with the debut of site owned coupons! A bout of pneumonia kept YHQ in check for the most part. Big thanks to our energetic heart and Site Q, Rio, for stepping in to co-Q and enthusiastically lead in everything we do!

Warmarama included Side Straddle Hop, Hill Billies, Good Mornings, Helicopters, and Merkins before moseying to the bridge benches. Rio led a round of 20 LR Step Ups, 20 Derkins, and 20 Dips before the unveiling of 16 freshy painted CMUs.

Each Pax hauled a coupon to the top of the East Garage for a round of Heavy Flutters and Heavy WW2 before initating the Main Event. In teams of two, Partner 1 ran down the ramps meeting Partner 2 at the stair way after farmer carrying the CMU pair. This alternated down the five levels and back up one level to complete 6 rounds before carrying to the southeast corner for Round 7.

Round 1:
· 10 Curls
· 10 Tricep Extensions
· 10 Overhead Press
Round 2:
· 15 Chest Press
· 15 Pull Overs
Round 3:
· 15 Goblet Squats
· 15 Alpos (cross grip upright rows)
Round 4:
· 10 Hip to Halos (5 each direction)
· 10 Gravediggers (5 each side)
Round 5:
· 10 Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts (RDLs; 5 each leg)
· 10 Bent Rows
Round 6:
· 30 Coupon Swings
Round 7:
· 20 We’re Not Worthy’s

The PAX matriculated the blocks to their new hiding place for safe keeping. With time on the clock, YHQ audibled into a set of 7s with Dive Bombers and Bobby Hurleys across the East Bridge.

Reminder that Agoge will have a 0700 start time this coming Monday.

Prayers for safe travels to all and speedy recoveries to all of our brother’s on the mend.

Great work, HIM!