Backblast by Tarzan on 10/28/2023

AO: Clarion
Q: Tarzan
Date : 10/28/23

PAX: Iverson, Stryper, Floppy Disc, Melamine, Green Thumb, Stairway, Sharkbait, Nee-how, Elmer Fudd, Neo, Sgt. Hulka (I feel like I’m forgetting someone)

The Thang:
The Mike Tyson Workout

10 Merkins, run 20 yards.
Repeat for a total of 10 times (100 merkins total)

Repeat, but do:
Jump Squats
Lt. Dans
Freddie Mercuries
Carolina Dry Docks

Unfortunatley, we didnt have time to do Round 10, which is Burpees

I believe I introduced the Floyd Plank (which I erroneously referred to as the Floyd Jack) to F3 NE Wake

It was well received during this workout and I heard a lot of positive feedback about it.

Thanks to all men who came out. It was great to have Floppy Disc, Melamine, and Green Thumb out at Clarion too!