Backblast by Dowry (Derrick Wolfe) on 10/26/2023

AO-Max Bandwidth
Date: 10.26.23
Q: Dowry
PAX: 13

Good mornings
Calf stretch L\R
Arm Circles (cadence)

Thing 1
Mosey to road around dump:
Line up single file to start Burpee Tag.
Last Pax in line dropped and does (5) burpees while rest of pax mosey in a line. Once finished with burpees, pax runs to catch up with grp and tags (new) last pax in line who drops and does (5) burpees, while former pax runs to get in front of the line. Continue until all pax have performed a set of burpees. We finished half way around, so did a repeat to starting point with only one Burpee. That’s where Peat Moss blew his hamstring. Thx Melamine for walking him back!

Mosey to Field:
Thing 2
Three cones OYO
3 cones 30 ft apart in shape of triangle.
At first cone pax do (3) jump squats , then bear crawl to second cone. At second cone pax do (3) 4-count flutter kicks. Then lunge to third cone. At third cone pax do (3) star jumps and mosey back to first cone. Rinse and repeat x (3).

Mosey to seat walls
Thing 3
Step Ups (20) count L/R = 1
Dips (20)

Thing 4
Mosey to wall
Wall Sits (7) count down the line
Balls to wall with shoulders taps (7) count down the line
Wall Sits w/over head claps (7) count down the line
Audible from spit valve, did Australian mountain climbers on the wall (7) count as a group

Mosey back to Flag
Box cutters
Homer to Marge
Have a nice day

Spit Valve – Thanksgiving AO Looking for Support Q’s
Pawnee’s ski trip that he and Bilo are working on
Spit Valve November starting “share my F3 story”
BillyGoat Halloween AO at bandwidth
80s theme. Best costume gets extra points!!

Melamine’s neighbor’s son ‘Oscar’ who was just recently diagnosed with leukemia
People in Maine shooting
Peat Moss who blew his hamstring this morning

Thank you letting me lead you in the gloom
Peat Moss hope for a speedy recovery!