Backblast by Tarzan on 01/11/2024

Backblast! Déjà Vu

AO: Excalibur
Q: Tarzan
PAX: F3 Poncharello (Aaron Denn), Kubota (Brandon Long), Hulka (Don Connelly), Sharkbait (Jarrod Scott), American Dad, Bill Nye, Cousteau,
FNGs: None
Count: 8

SSH, Sir Willie Fazio Mays Hays, Downward Dog (calf stretch), runners stretch – each side

#1. Deconstructed Burpee: 

Run to point A, do 1 merkin 
Run to point B, do 1 squat thrust 
Run to point C, do 1 jump squat 
Run back to the starting point 
Repeat, but increase each exercise by 1 until 9 each are done  

#2. Pullups 

4 Pax did 10 pullups wile the other 4 did a squat hold, then we switched 
4 Pax did 8 pullups while the other 4 did WW2s, then we switched 
4 Pax did 6 pullups with the other 4 did LBCs then we switched 
4 Pax did 4 pullups with the other 4 did American Hammers, then we switched 
4 Pax did 2 pullups with the other 2 did Lt. Dans, then we switched  

#3. Ring of Fire 
Using a rock, the Q did a full curl and then held the rock at the half way point 
Pax #2 then did the same, then Pax #3 then Pax #4, etc until everyone completed 1 rep
We then repeated this, increasing the number of curls by one until each Pax did 7  

Ring of Fire Part B
Same as above, but we did a squat-press exercise, holding the rock ay the starting position at the end of each press until each pax did 5  

Mosey back to flag

MARY: No time for Mary

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Upcoming convergence in
March, F2 lunch

COT: Prayers for Emily’s brain treatment