Backblast by Squeaks (Neal) on 11/29/2022

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16 HIM’s showed up this morning to celebrate the Philadelphia Eagles.

We started off with SSH, SFAS, Imperial Walkers, and pebble pickers (learned that one from Screaming Eagle in Carolina Beach).

At the suck blocks
• G orilla Humpers x 10
• O bama – Bear crawl to 2nd island. every 4 hand movements =
4 merkins and then mosey back
• B urbees x 10
• I rkins x 10
• R osalitas x 10
• D ips x 10
• Sumo squats x 10
I got excited to do the exercises I almost forgot to recognize their record so far this season.
• 11’s – 10 WW2’s and 1 Lunges (Eagles current record of 10-1).
In case you missed it, the beginning letters of said exercises spell out “GO BIRDS” in recognition of the #1 team in the NFL.

Announcements: Roadside cleanup and parade this weekend.

Thanks for attending and supporting me in my second Q.
GO BIRDS!! :eagle: