Backblast by Billy Goat on 11/23/2022

Quarantine 23-Nov

Rio, Sharkbait, Oscar Mayer, Char-Grill, Boyz2Men, Kubota, Billy Goat (Q)

Lucky 7 PAX engaged in functional training for the holidays at Quarantine. YHQ mixed things up a bit during warmarama with Side Straddle Hops, Good Mornings, Morrocan Nightclubs, Imperial Walkers, Mountain Climbers, Marge to Homer and Turkish :turkey: Getups. After last week’s touring addition, the PAX stayed put lining up near the flag for a set of Sevens with Iron Mikes and Spiderman Mountain Climbers.

In fireline formation, the PAX unloaded various heavy bags and coupons including monstrously overweight luggage. For the ME, YHQ called three rounds of island hopping to space out the PAX and maximize utilization of the coupons. Partner 1 faced down range, Partner 2 moseyed to travel countercurrent, and Partner 3 stayed home with the bags.

• Round 1 – Partner 1: 10 Merkins at each Island, Partner 2: 6 Squat Jumps each island, Partner 3: Rows and Squats (alternating AMRAP)

• Round 2 – Partner 1: 4 staggered Merkins lt, 4 staggered Merkins rt at each Island, Partner 2: 5 Bonnie Blairs each island, Partner 3: chest press, deadlift (alternating AMRAP)

• Round 3 – Partner 1: 6 diamond Merkins at each Island, Partner 2: 5 “boxer bounce” squats each island, Partner 3: Squat to Overhead Bin Press (alternating AMRAP)

Returning the coupons to their homes, the PAX were left with ~5 min of Mary conducted in Baggage Carousel formation (Homer to Marge, LBCs, and WW2s).

Reminders for Adopt-a-Highway (3-Dec; 0900; meeting at Hares Ear Ct.), Thanksgiving convergence tomorrow at Bandwidth (0700), World Cup Watch Party at Strike & Barrel this Friday, starting up Advent QSource at Quarantine, and the Rollesville Christmas Parade (4-Dec).

Praise for His Healing Hands on the little girl with Leukemia at Sharkbait’s church who is in full remission. Prayers for Hailey Brooks, Landon Glass, and all those impacted by the terrible tragedy at Saturday’s Christmas parade. Prayers for safe travels throughout the season. Prayers for the Ukraine!

Way to Travel, MEN!