Backblast by Sharkbait (Jarrod Scott) on 06/01/2023

AO: Excalibur
PAX: 9 Bill Nye, Cousteau, Deez Foolz, Five Hole, Kubota, Lucky, MBD, Tarzan, and YHC

Disclaimer & Purpose,
SSH, Hillbillies, IW, Good mornings, Sir Fazio/Willy May Hayes, runner stretching, deep squat, slow rise up

Mile mosey with 2 stops for refresher course in Captain America and introducing Merkin seal jacks with 1:4 ratio.

2 simultaneous games of pickle ball playing with bouncing during in active times of play. 9 man could choose a ladder of either 10 pull-ups with last 2 pull-ups at a 20 count, or Captain Americas til 10 or Murican seal jacks to 10. One the sets were completed they rotated into play and a new 9th man completed a set.

Mosey mule back with one stop to keep pax together

COT: don’t forget to have fun in the midst of living and it’s hard to have fun without friends.
Announcements: Passage church has men’s Bible study Friday morning at 6:30, Bilo’s Brah beat down in July.
Prayers: Cousteau’s neighbor passed away, Kubota’s grandfather with a stroke.

Thank you men for letting me try new things in our workout.