Backblast by Stairway, Kelly Barnes on 05/31/2023

AO: Clarion, convergence
Q: Stairway
Pax: 33

Weather: low 60’s

Ray Finkle’s
Wind mills
Mumble chatter control, addition SSH
Moroccan night clubs
Good mornings

The thing: spartan 300
Partner up with a coupon
Partner one traveled 4 corners. Lung walk, sprint, bear crawl, Bernie Sanders

Partner two started various movements alternating when partner one was done, collective getting to 300 reps each round

Round 1
150 curls
150 tricep extensions

Round 2
150 chest pres
150 cereal bell swings

Round 3
Heavy LBC
Heavy LSF

Returned our coupons and finished out with the demotivator.

COT: Spit Valve (Geoff) played us out with taps in a reminder of what we were there for.

Good push everyone, see you in the gloom