Backblast by Sharkbait (Jarrod Scott) on 03/09/2024

Backblast! When wood hits the teeth

AO: Clarion
Q: Sharkbait (Jarrod Scott)
PAX: American Dad, Hulka (Don Connelly), Iverson (Jerod), Kubota (Brandon Long), Ni hao, snappy (sam), Stairway, Kelly Barnes, Tarzan, Elmer Fudd, Pancake
FNGs: None
Count: 11

The daughter came back for spring break bringing her handy dandy pickup truck so it’s convenient to bring the logs. With the rain coming, I added in some jump ropes and a tabata timer to make this full body/cardio workout.

SSH, Hill Billies, IW, runners stretch, downward dog, Sir Fazios/ Willy May Hayes, radio silent 21’s failure produces our third set of SSH, then finally Boulder set of muricans for our In sync failures
Mosey around school and stopping for a morning call pull-ups of 10 and good form 5 with squats and squat holds
. Finished our mosey school to finish under the shelter where a truck of logs was conveniently placed.
Tabata rounds of 20 sec work and 10 second rest of 8 rounds per an exercise
. 8 pax on logs and 3 pax take jump ropes who will switch out at end of round or as needed.
Squats, overhead presses, heavy flutter kicks, curls (shorties next to snappy can create dental issues), heavy calf raises
. Team up in groups of 3-4 who will rifle carry log while partner jump ropes and run laps.
20 lbc’s
Next week convergence and 5k
. We are invigorating male community leaders not followers so step up in leading Q’s especially virgin Q’s
Prayed for Pancake’s 2.0 who is a bad fall on stairs causing mouth injury
. YHC leaves next Saturday for mission trip.