Backblast by Sharkbait (Jarrod Scott) on 02/02/2023

Site: Excalibur
Q: Sharkbait
Pax: Tarzan, Bill Nye, Swoosh, SGT Hulka, Lucky, Cousteau (Mall Walker)

Warmup: SSH, IW, Good Mornings, Downward Dog, tempo muricans, Runner’s stretch, slow squats.

The Thang: diivide in 2 teams with two different card decks. One deck was f3 cards the other standard.
On both decks: face cards were face values, royals were 25, and Aces were 100.
On Standard deck: hearts were burpees, clubs were lbc’s, spades were squats, and diamonds were muricans.

Simple game of clear the deck where each person takes a card and perform assigned exercise and number. Each person works through the cards and try to beat the other team. Any player can call for “help” to employ the assistance of their team to finish the number.

Two rounds of tabata with SSH and WW2’s trying to maintain or beat the reps accomplished in 20 second rounds.

History moment about George Liele, the first African American pastor and first Baptist missionary sent out of America predating William Carey of England by 10 years and Adoniram Judson of America. He was originally a slave set free by his master, Henry Sharp, to start a church. When Sharp was killed in Revolutionary war his children tried to recapture Liele. He eventually escaped to Jamaica to establish a church and mission work. His influence was felt in Georgia, South Carolina, Jamaica, Nova Scotia, Sierra Leone and beyond.