Backblast by Sharkbait (Jarrod Scott) on 01/13/2024

Backblast! MLK, jr

AO: Clarion
Q: Sharkbait (Jarrod Scott)
PAX: Kubota (Brandon Long), snappy (sam), Stairway, Kelly Barnes, Kung Fu Panda, Stryper (Clay), Tarzan, Sharkbait (Jarrod Scott), Ni hao, American Dad, Pancake, Fender Bender @Alan Farmer, Pico Matt, Not Data
FNGs: 3 Fender Bender @Alan Farmer, Pico Matt, Not Data
Count: 13

Purpose and disclaimer given
We included 29 reps where it was feasible to remember 29 times MLK jr was in arrested and jailed as well as the year of his birth.
After some hype music we listened to MLK Jr read his “Letter from a Birmingham jail” throughout the entirety of our workout. Anytime “unjust” “extremism” “love” or some form of those words then pax stopped to do a murican.

Mosey to hammock park with a couple of stops to accomplish 29 monkey humpers. Morning call with pull-ups and dips. Started with 10 then decrease the reps by 2 each time till everyone stopped at 2. There we did 2-20 second pull-ups or till failure, whichever came first.

Took a page from Ham’s previous workouts for some EMOM workouts with the MLK jr words breaking it up with muricans.
225 lbs with every minute timer going off to do 5 WW2’s.
200 raise the roofs with every minute timer giving Carolina Dry Docks.
175 Mountain Climbers with every minute timer giving 5 squat thrusts.
Breaks in between to give information about MLK, jr.

Mosey back with a couple stops to accomplish 29 more monkey-Humpers.
29 low slow flutter kicks
29 Homer to Marge
Lunch, Q-sources, Pot of Gold 5k and convergence at Knightdale
We can practice moderation but the commands of Jesus we can be extreme and we are better. Prayers for Iverson travel and Emily Hood.
Pico had been named in Atlanta and our brothers down there pointed him to Clarion today. Fender Bender has been coming to YHC church and glad to have him out, Not Data got EH’d by KungFu Panda at the cemetery after a funeral, that has to be a record of some type. Welcome all three and great push for each of you. Nice warm Coffeteria afterwards!