Backblast by Green Thumb (Ray Perry) on 01/12/2024

Backblast! Walk Around the Campus

AO: Red Dawn
Q: Green Thumb (Ray Perry)
PAX: Counterfeit (John Kinneer), F3 Phunny (Kip Lowery), Boingo (Jeffrey Christensen), Chicken Hawk (Tristan Maness), Money Pit (Blake Anderson), Squeaks (Neal)
FNGs: None
Count: 7

WARMUP: Warmed up with Little Dingy and the Boiler Room crew
*THE THANG: Money Pit was introduced to Rucking with a heavy carry (rucks & sandbags) around the campus with two stops for exercises.
20 reps of each exercise at each stop. Exercises were;
Ruck Curls
Ruck Lunges (10 each leg)
Ruck Merkins
Ruck or Sandbag Calf Raises
Overhead Press (Ruck or Sandbag)
Sandbag Deadlifts

MARY: Heavy LSF, Heavy Homer to Marge (aka: screw your ruck), & Heavy American Hammers

-Fellowship luncheon Next Friday at City BBQ
-Q Source starts next week following workouts at The Corral, Quarantine, and The Farm
-Roadside Clean-up scheduled for Feb 24