Backblast by Rio (Andrew DiGiovanni) on 06/22/2023

AO: Max Bandwidth
Q: Rio
Pax: 13.

In June 1975, the nation experienced what has been described as a malaise. POTUS who never received a vote. Unceremonious debacle end to the Vietnam war two months earlier. Punk was yet to be named. Disco was rounding into shape. It felt as a whole everyone was just running in circles.
So, to commemorate the law of 1975, we brought back a traditional circuit workout.
YHC put together a five lap circuit, consisting of 518 repetitions, and just about 3 miles of running. I put together a playlist of a sub genre I like to call “Pub Rock”. mostly British artist from the mid-70s, who never really made it onto classic rock, FM, radio format.

Warm Up- 1975
9- Hambone Side Straddle Hops
7- Imperial Walkers.
5 – Good Mornings.

Mosey to the brick crosswalk, then Harbuzi up to the end of the parking spaces, where we returned, and start to do five repetitions at each street light on the way down the slight decline. 12 Plank Jacks. 12 Hand Release Merkins. 12 Parker Peters. 12 Mtn Climbers.

Next, we grabbed the CMUs that were laid out ahead of time, and moseyed our way to the first circuit starting point.
Pax performed 19 repetitions w/coupon. Mosey ahead to the suck bricks where we would do 25 lower body exercises. Again, forward to the bricks beyond the overhang to perform upper body movements. 25 reps.
Finally onto AB’s executed on the west playground soft surface.
19 Curls
19 Overhead Press
19 Bent Row (IC)
19 Blockheads
19 Shoulder Shrugs

25 Squats
25 L-R Step Ups
25- Bulgarian Split Squats
25- Box Jumps
25- Calf Raises

25 Irkins
25 Dips
25 Derkins
25 Nipplers
25 Merkins

25 LBC/CBL/V-Ups Combo
25- Shakerias left , right & 25 Homer 2 Marge
25- J Lo’s (IC)
25- WW2’s
25- Pull Ups.

Excellent effort today!

Get ready for Respect Week next week at an AO near you. Hambone has his final Q at Quarantine.

Prayers for all the unspoken needs of our community and loved ones. Praise for allowing me to get out of bed for almost 48 years.