Backblast by Pawnee on 03/20/2024

Backblast! Armory 500

AO: Armory
Q: Pawnee
PAX: Crab Pot, Flush (Clay Campbell), Ascot, Pawnee, Counterfeit (John Kinneer), Tendinitis, Whoopee Cushion, Chet, Kitchen, Buckshot, Webster, Half Life, Counterfeit, Toto
FNGs: None
Count: 14

side straddle hops, low slow flutter, mountain climbers, short mosey
THE THANG: the pax, ranging in age from 12-64 did the following:

25 Blockees
50 curls
50 overhead press
50 bent over rows (25 each arm)
50 goblet squats
25 diamond merkins

Sprint between each set to opposite side of parking lot

25 box cutters
50 WW2
50 V ups
50 Freddy mercury
50 calf raises
25 box cutters

Mosey to pull up bars. Ask for the age of the oldest pax member. Chet was the winner at 64. The Pax did Mary while we rotated doing pullups to his Chet’s age.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Friday lunch and fellowship after Denny
COT: Prayers for Tendonitis and his wife as they welcome their baby in October