Backblast by Oscar Mayer (Shaun Hanna) on 04/25/2024

Backblast! Oscar Mayer Birthday Queue

AO: Quarantine
Q: Oscar Mayer (Shaun Hanna)
PAX: Oscar Mayer (Shaun Hanna), Boys to Men, Gilmore, Kapota, Billy Goat, Shark Bate, Char Grill, Prius, Penguin, Flush, Tube Top, Pierogi, Rio, Green Thumb, Dowry, Thing-A-Ma-Bob, Patch Adams, Rosco-P, Squeeks
FNGs: None
Count: 19

side straddle hop, good mornings, seal claps, calf stretches, imperial walkers, and sir fazion arm circles.
THE THANG: The group moseyed to do a dora. 100 merkins, 200 Squats, and 300 LBCs
The group did a scout run with gorillas over to the benches. The group did 20 dips, dirkins, erkins, and step ups.
The group moseyed to the cinder block. The group did 20 curls, over head presses, triceps extensions, and bent over rows.
COT: Prayer Requests
Pierogi ā€“ Sister, house fire
Rosco-Pā€™s friend passed away
Tube Top ā€“ Cousin with cancer
Ukraine and Israel/Palestine