Backblast by Nelson Thompson(Jack Jack) on 02/03/2023

Site:Red Dawn
Q:Jack Jack (AO VQ)
Pax:Gilmore, Phunny, Floppy, Green Thumb, Wrigley, Counterfeit, Chicken Hawk, Febreze, and Squeaks
Warm Up:Whatever Boingo did for Boiler Room

Rucked to location for Dora. Pax completed 50 Ruckees, 50 Clean and Presses, 150 V-Ups, 200, Weighted Squats, and 250 Weighted Calf Raises. Very proud of the guys for working very rucking hard!

And rucked back just as Boiler Room finished their Mary.

Prayers for those who needed them. Sorry, I can only remember one right now, which was for Ham’s M, that the physical pains of pregnancy are not unbearable, but also praise for them for being able to welcome their own child into the world!

Prayer was led by Boingo with some very thoughtful thees and thous.