Backblast by Nelson Thompson (Jack Jack) on 07/03/2023

Date: 07/03/2023
AO: Agoge
Q: Jack Jack
PAX: 17

Warm up:
10 Fazio Arm Circles
10 Reverse Fazio Arm Circles
10 Imperial Walkers
8 Willie Mayes Hayes
8 Good Mornings
10 Side Straddle Hops

Jack Jack’s Agoge 500:
.25 miles
100 Goblet Squats
.25 miles
100 Overhead Presses
.25 miles
100 Curls
.25 miles
100 Bent Over Rows
.25 miles
100 Weighted LBCs
.25 miles
Total: 500 Reps and about 1.5 miles

Prayers for a family Patch Adams knows, Morning the loss of their son. Prayers for a successful job search for Gutter Helmet. And continued prayers for those in Ukraine and for their families and that Chargrill’s family has a safe journey back from there.