Backblast by Menthol (Joel Cade) on 03/17/2023

AO: Red Dawn
Date: 3/17/2023
PAX: Flush, Pitchfork, Floppy, Squeaks, Gilmore, Green Thumb, Chicken Hawk
Q: Menthol

8 PAX split 4 sandbags and hit Floppy’s Hill, swapping coupons halfway up.
Continuing to the top of the agri-berm, PAX did the following:
• 10 Ruck Merkins
• 15 Ruck Squats
• 20 Ruck High Pulls
PAX continued around the school, swapping coupons every couple of minutes or so.
Back in the far side of the parking lot, PAX partnered up for sandbag caber tosses and walking lunges across 9 parking spaces.
Another ruck mosey up the hill and berm for the following exercises:
• 15 Ruck High Pulls
• 20 Ruck Swings
• 25 Ruck Flutter Kicks
Another lap with coupons around the school, returning to the circle with 5 minutes for Ruck around the Mary.
• Flush: 10 Ruck WWII’s
• Floppy: 10 oddly timed flutter kicks
Thanks for meeting me ITG! Nice work, men!