Backblast by Billy Goat on 03/16/2023

AO: Bandwidth
Date: 14-Mar-2023
PAX: B&E, Boyz 2 Men, Lucky, Melamine, Oscar Mayer, Peat Moss, Prius, Rio, Roscoe P, Spit Valve, Squeaks, Thingamabob, Tube Top
Q: Billy Goat
Playlist: Pi Day^2: All Up In Yo’ Area

14 frigid fellows gathered to celebrate the wonders of Pi in the following non-repeating, irrational fashion:

3 Good Morning
POINT to the sky, left, right, sky, pie dive down
14 Side Straddle Hop
15 Imperial Walkers
9 Ranger Merkins
26 Mountain Climbers (IC)
5 The Cardinal (5 burpees and a moment of silence)
3 Blockees (coupon)
5 SQRL to Press (coupon)
8 Alternating Merkins (ea down is one)
9 Squats (coupon)
7 Simbas (coupon)
9 Alpos (coupon)
32 KB Swings (coupon)
38 Freddie Mercury OYO (count each left)
46 American Hammer OYO (ea Left is one)
26 WW2 OYO
43 Bear Crawl (each step is one)
38 Shoulder taps OYO (ea left is one)
32 Plank Jacks (OYO)
7 Pull Ups
9 Star Jumps
50 Lunge Walk (ea step is one)
28 Median Slalom Jumps
8 Slalom Plank (jump in left, plank out, jump in right, plank out is one)
41: Sevens with Bobby Hurleys (21) and Mike Tysons on the median (20…don’t finish the final Mike Tyson)

30 digits of Pi plus a full Trash park loop! Bonus: birthday burpees for Prius!

Announcements: Fellowship lunch on Friday at Big Daddy’s Burgers on Falls of Neuse, Adopt a Highway is coming right up!

Prayer requests: Cheesesteak’s spine surgery recover, Ham’s ankle, Ham and Katie’s healthy pregnancy, Waffle House’s son Dylan, Boyz 2 Men’s dad Don, Elton’s dad Felix, Tube Top’s daughter and all the other spoken and unspoken prayers

Great work, HIM!