Backblast by Little Dinghy (Jim Amy) on 11/09/2022

Armory (11/09/2022)
Pax: 9, including Wrigley, Floppy Disk, Ham, Lucky, Gilmore, Jak-Jak, Kitty Hawk, Gutter Helmet (welcome back, Andrew)and YHC
Warmup included SSH, Good Mornings, and Imperial Walkers.
Picked up 2 milk jugs apiece (yes, those darn milk jugs have made another appearance!).
Moseyed with jugs on over church front entrance for 10 count per Pax People’s Chair, 5 count per Pax balls-to-the-wall, and 10 count per PAX chill cut.
Moseyed, rifle-carrying jugs, to the far corner of the parking lot (took a “break” to do 10 burpees) and set up for a modified 3-man DORA: one PAX takes 2 jugs and runs to far side of lot while other two do: 150 squats with jugs, 225 Moobliques (side stretch with both jugs in one hand), and 300 LBCs.
Moseyed back to the flag, rifle carrying the jugs part way and again taking a break for 10 burpees. Set up for the second modified 3-man DORA: one PAX takes 2 jugs and runs to end of lot while other two do: 150 arm lifts with jugs, 150 Cow jumping over the moons (kettlebell swings with milk jugs), and 150 Bent Over Rows.
Still had time to empty jugs, stow them in Little Dinghy’s massive trunk and complete 35 Homer-to-Marge’s in cadence.
Announcements (Rolesville parade 12/4), Name-o-rama (YHC forgot that somehow and was pulled back to reality). Prayers for Oscar Mayer’s daughter with Type I diabetes, for Lucky’s friend, Miranda, dealing with family issues, for Ham looking for a new position, and for Floppy’s s relative David dealing with mental health issues. That all would be drawn closer to family and friends and to God in these times of trial. For us men, recall that Hebrews 12:11 says, “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.”