Backblast by Rio (Andrew DiGiovanni) on 11/09/2022

Quarantine: 11/9/2022
Scheduled Q “Hubert” was unavailable, however he conveyed to me that he wished to celebrate Duran Duran’s Rock & Roll HOF induction, so YHC led 7 (& the Ragged Tiger) Pax around Wake Tech N, for a high tempo Q while blasting all of your favorite Fab 5 hits, all while under a gorgeous full moon.
Std. “Rio” warm-up, then mosey west to try out a set of 10 Bike Rack leg lifts (IC), the a cut through the café area stairway & down to the base of Lombard St where we did a set of 7’s (& the Ragged Tiger. Get it?); 1 Box Cutter each time downhill – WW2’s, & 1 Burpee each time uphill – Jump Squats.
Next we counted of 10 sec. rotating Plank-Chilcutt holds & completed 25 LBC (IC). As “View to a Kill” started blaring, we climbed the tall stair cases of Parking Deck 2, Bear Crawled across the top ramp as Tube Top’s favorite jam “Save a Prayer” played, then scurried down the E stairs.
We stopped on the Sleepy Hollow Bridge to do 15 L-R Step Ups (IC), the 25 Low Slow Flutters (IC) with legs dangling off the side of the benches for added resistance.
Mosey on to the Flag where it was time for rock work while “New Moon on Monday” set the tone.
20 Curls, 20 OHP (while doing simultaneous Quick Feet), & 20 Triceps Exts.
Next we ran a Suicide consisting of 5 Merkins an each parking island tree & run back to get the heart rates elevated.
2nd Rock set = 20 Single Leg Lifts w/rock, 10 each leg (unless you are Thingamabob) 15 Curls, 15 OHP, 15 Triceps Exts., & 30 Bent Rows.
Finally, we ran up & back across the 5 islands, where we banged out 5 Merkins at each of the 5 trees on the way out, before a final sprint back to the COT.
Don’t forget to sign up for Rolesville Christmas Parade, Sunday Dec 4th!
Prayers for a young couple involved in an auto accident, Oscar Meyer’s young daughter , & Thing’s Grandfather & father.
Thank you for letting me lead you amazing HIM this morning!