Backblast by Iverson (Jerod) on 11/20/2022

AO clarion
Q Iverson
Pax 13 deez fools, American dad, gasser, kubota, snappy, ham, horseplay, Phunny, lucky, Stryper, stairway,
welcome FNG: Bruno! Tristan Wright

Welcome: 5 core principles, f3 mission and disclaimer

SSH – crazy man – imperial walkers
Slow Merkins

Turkey legs (main event)
Hair burner
Run to point 2: 10 star jumps
Run to point 3: 20 monkey humpers
Back to block for hair Bernie’s back
Switch with partners for running (without block)

Skaters x2

Parking lots lines:
Bear crawl – drag block – 3 merkins on every other line.

To back side of school stairs
3 flights – curls
2 flights – KB swing
1 flight – OH hold


Lot Ham (Chris Schafer) announcements to remember lol
Remember each other! Reach out.
Q source – influence – great conversation!!
Iverson out