Backblast by Hulka (Don Connelly) on 08/12/2023

Clarion Report

Pax, American Dad, Striper, Snappy, Kung Fu Panda, Gutter Ball and the Q was Sgt. Hulka.

Warm ups, side straddle hop, Good Morning, Willie Mays Hayes, calf stretch.

Mowsie to the school stairs, teams of 2.
One ran the stairs the other exercised.

Merkins, LBC, Lunge Walk, Incline Merkins, Flutter kicks, Squats, WWII, Low Planks, Monkey Jumpers,

Mowsie to the track.

Sprints on the two long sides, Bernie Sanders and Karaoke once and then sprints and lunge walks.

Mowsie to the rock pile and did 20 each curls, bent over rowes, chest press and tricep press.

Finished with several ab exercises led by Striper.

Prayed for a 16 month old who had heart surgery and the Equador mission team that Sharkbait is on now.

Thanks for coming out to join me.