Backblast by Dowry (Derrick Wolfe) on 08/11/2023

AO: Max Bandwidth
Date: 08.10.23
CO-Q: Rio
VQ: Dowry
PAX: (13 total) & Welcome 1 FNG – BTS

Good mornings (cadence)
Imperial walkers (single count)
Sir Fazio Arm Circles (cadence)
Low Slow Squats (cadence)
SSH (cadence)

Mosey to wall:
Thang I:
Wall Sits (7) single count down the line of PAX (seal clap above the head-later confirmed)
Balls to wall with shoulder taps (7) single count down the line of PAX

Thang II :
Mosey to Field
Dora – Classic Rock Edition
6 Classic Rock Songs
6 Exercises with Each Song
Pax Partner Up (2/ea)
1 Pax exercises while other Pax runs to other side of field does (1) Burbee and runs back. Pax switch. Called Audible half way of Thang II Dora to only run half of field and back.

• Queen ‘Bicycle Race – Freddie Mercurys
• 38 Special ‘Hold on Loosely’ – Squats
• Foreigner ‘Don’t Stop believing’ – Sebastian Aho’s “Apolo Ohno’s”
• CCR ‘Fortunate Son’ – American Hammers
• Metallica ‘Enter Sandman’ – Flutter Kicks
• Thin Lizzy ‘The Boys Are Back in Town’ – Carolina Dry Docks
• Van Halen ‘Jump’ – WWII’s
Mosey back to Flag;
Close with Child’s Pose for “National Lazy Day”

Announcements: Get with Spit Valve for ordering Deacon shirts, F3NE hwy clean up this fall (Rio), Sign up for Deacon (participate or support), Pre-Deacon luncheon.

COT: Elton: Daughter’s test, Mr. Belding: All Teachers this coming school year.

Great workout and Thank You for being a part of my VQ. RIO-thank you!!