Backblast by Thingamabob (Ariel) on 08/14/2023

Q and PAX: 22 – Thingamabob, Elton, Chet, Floppy Disk, Phunny, Gilmore, Greenthumb, Lurch, Roscoe P, Tube top, Patch Adams, Kitty Hawk, Little Thingy, Housekeeping, 6 Pack, Vega, Boingo, Money pit, Gutter Helmet, Flush, Cavalier, Strange Brew.

Warm-up:16 SSH, 6 Good Mornings, 7 Squat Thrusts, 0 Merkins (16670), Mosey lap.

The Thang:
3 Rounds of going around the Easy Street, while listening to a beatiful playlist of one. (See image)
COT: Sacrifice (Maximilian Kolbe’s Story – ) – In the Scope of Eternity, what choices will you make to day that give life to another. Prayers in thanks for Gutter’s second interview, Roscoe’s Daughter first semester and for Maui, Wrigley’s Dad, Cavalier’s Friend’s passing, and others.

Welcome FNG Vega!