Backblast by Billy Goat on 09/11/2023

AO: Agoge
Date: 2023-09-11
Pax: Peg Leg, Little Dinghy, Boingo, Six Pack, Patch Adams, Playdoh, Curves, Gilmore, Jack Jack, Rio, Gutter Helmet, Pawnee, Prius, Oscar Mayer, Jay-Z
Q: Billy Goat

Sixteen took down Stadium Drive in convincing fashion on a Day of Remembrance. Warmarama included Side Straddle Hop, Good Mornings, Sir Fazio Arm Circles, Imperial Squat Walkers, World’s Greatest Stretch, and Standard Merkins.

The Pax moseyed over to Stadium Dr. YHC held the Main Event instructions until all had gathered near the Deacon’s final summit at Glencoe Dr. The Pax were instructed to run to the start of the bridge and then execute an Inchworm style climb back to N. Wingate. Street lights on the north side of the street served as the markers. At every second light, the Pax stopped to perform nine hand-release Merkins and eleven Jump Squats. This was executed on repeat traveling two lamps forward, one lamp back until reaching N. Wingate. A final call was made in the library courtyard with nine Left-Right Step Ups followed by eleven Left-Left and eleven Right-Right Step Ups. Not quite a stairclimb, but a climb nonetheless. Great push, all!!

The Deacon is THIS Saturday launching from Joyner Park (registration starts at 0600, launch at 0630). Don’t forget to bring items for the food pantry (3rd F)!! Fellowship lunch on Friday at Prime BBQ (1130). 2nd F at Bud’s is also on Friday (1800-2000). Adopt-a-Highway on 30-Sep. Gilmore’s campaign (Wake Forest Board of Commissioners) launch party is coming up on 7-Oct.

Prayers for Six Pack’s friend’s father, Gerald, in hospice and remembrance for all of the lives lost on this day 22 years ago.