Backblast by Green Thumb (Ray Perry) on 03/28/2023


AO: The Corral
Q: Green Thumb

PAX: (5) Floppy, Phunny, Flush, Ham

5 PAX started the beta test for NE Wake potential newest AO, The Corral, at Joyner Park. This is a ruck centric AO and that doesn’t mean just walking around with a backpack.

Warm Up: SSH, Willie Mayes Hayes, Imperial Walkers, & Good Mornings

Ruck up and Bag up for a short stroll down to the psychedelic amphitheater. Each PAX carried their ruck and sandbag of various weights.

Thing 1: Descending reps of curls, tricep extensions, ruck swings, high pulls, and clean & press with ruck or sandbag. 20 reps then a weighted (ruck & sandbag) lap around the amphitheater. Repeat set at 15 reps.

Due to time, we skipped the next set and moved to another weighted carry around the”grove” and “corral”.

Back to the flag for some more weighted exercises and mary. LBC, LSF, bent-over rows, V-ups, blockheads, and Freddie Mercury’s

Announcements: The Corral will continue it’s beta test Tuesday mornings 05:30 with anticipated official launch in May.

May 6th – Wake Forest Meet in the Street Tent
May 20th – Brew (beverage) ruck. Details forthcoming on both events.

Prayers for Felix (Elton’s Dad), Django (Geoffrey), and Shabril (Phunny’s M)