Backblast by Ham (Chris Schafer) on 03/26/2023

Site: The Farm
Q: Ham
Pax: Flush, Gecko, Boyz II Men, Jingle, Bill Nye, Phunny

Warm up: SSH /Good Mornings / Willy Mayes Hayes / Hiney Ps / Quad Stretch/ Sir Fazio’s

Pax tackled the “Maupin” Hero WOD, with small modifications to honor Us Army Staff Sargent Keith Maupin. Staff Sgt. Maupin was 24 when he disappear on 04/09/04, when insurgents south of Baghdad attacked his convoy. His remains were recovered on March 20 , 2008. Maupin served as part of the 724th Transportation Company in Bartonville, Illinois.

After the warm up Pax moseyed to the elementary school field and partnered up to complete a Buy In before attempting the WOD.
Buy in (individual):
• 20 Burpees
• 20 LT Dan’s
Maupin WOD – 4 Rounds – Total Exercise count to be completed by each PAX
• 2 Laps around the field
• 49 Merkins
• 49 WWIIs
• 49 Squats
For those who completed the WOD with time to spare, there was a buy out before the day’s activities would come to a close.

Buy out:
• 20 8 Point Man Makers
• 1 Set of Aiken Legs (20 Squats, 20 Lunges, 20 Step Ups)
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Continued prayers for Felix (Elton’s Dad) and Don (Boyz II Men’s Dad) as they continue to fight their health battles, Prayers for Flush’s Aunt who recently passed and his family as they mourn, and Prayers for Shabrail and her recovery of a knee injury from the HTB at Fort Bragg

Thanks for letting me lead you in the gloom