Backblast by Green Thumb (Ray Perry) on 02/10/2023

Red Dawn
Q: Green Thumb
PAX: Floppy, Gilmore, Wrigley, Flush, Thingamabob, Phunny, Squeaks, Counterfiet

9 PAX needed overtime to complete the Go Ruck Baseline Functional Fitness Test (BFFT). BFFT consists of 4 events for time or max reps. Weight carried varied depending of level attempting. See photo.

1 Mile Ruck Run/ Shuffle for time

2 Minutes Sandbag Burpee (burpee with toss of sandbag over your head) – max reps

200 Meter suitcase cary for time (Ruck with Sandbag)

2 Minute hand release merkins (no ruck or sandbag) – max reps

Word of the day is BASELINE. All PAX hope to see improvement or level up for the next BFFT.

Announcements: WF Brewery Ruck kicks off 11am tomorrow at Norse Brewery
Prayers: Continued prayers for Destro and Jingles recover.