Backblast by Green Thumb (Ray Perry) on 01/14/2023

The Farm
Q: Green Thumb
PAX: 10 + 2 for Pre-Events, Flush, Phunny, Jingle, Bill Nye, Cricket, Pitchfork, EKG, Gilmore, Lucky. Thingamabob and Chet for Pre-Ruck
Warm Up: SSH, Good Morning, Willie Mays Hayes, Imperial Walkers, Windmills, & Sir Fazios

Thing 1 (part 1): Mozie to the big shelter for
25 reps of dips, Bulgarian Split Squats (each leg), LSF (ic), Irkins, bench squats, & LBC (ic)

Thing 2: Mozie to the bottom of hill next to Stanford Creek Elemantary for a modified 7’s
Run to the top of the hill (3rd light pole) and conduct exercises at each pole on the way down.
1st pole (top) -Jump Squats, 2nd pole – Merkins, 3rd pole (bottom) – Box Cutters
1st set 7 of each exercise, run back to the top and repeat, decreasing reps by 1 until complete. 6,5….2,1

Thing 1 (part 2): mozie back to the big shelter and completed 20 reps of previous exercises.
Mozie back to the flag with stops at the dip bars (2 sets, AMRAP) and pull-up bars (2 sets, AMRAP). This left time for 2 minutes of Mary, CBLs and Homer to Marge.

Annoucements: signup for Jingle’s Mingle and Patriot Challenge
Prayers: F3-Cardinal (Chatanooga), Destro (Geoffery), and Ham’s crew.