Backblast by Gilmore (Jim T) on 12/05/2022

AO: Max Bandwidth Pre-Thanksgiving Convergence|
PAX: 5
We gathered at the site of Max Bandwidth for a pre Thanksgiving Convergence workout at the usual 5:30A time due to some who had work, some had Gobbler Runs and others were looking to double-down on fitness and fellowship.
After warming up, the PAX traveled to the block pile, where each grabbed two.
In keeping with the Thanksgiving theme, YHC shared that today’s workout would be 21s. Bicep curls and kettlebell swings were the workout and the travel was a farmer’s carry with the blocks, which was a metaphor for the burdens we all carry in our lives. After each set, YHC called on the PAX to share something for which they were thankful. There were so many things mentioned – family, faith, work, health, friends (especially F3 brothers). There was also thanks for 6:15A and YHC’s audible of shortening the burden travel.
Announcements: World Cup watch, Roadside cleanup, Parade, Dirty Santa.
Prayers: Ham’s Dad and for safe holiday travels and for those missing loved one’s during this time of year.