Backblast by Gilmore (Jim T) on 12/05/2022

If you were to count the two soaking wet sandbags carried by 4 PAX at Red Dawn, the ruck crew out numbered the Boiler Room crew. And they were nearly the weight of some of our 2.0s.
With rucks and sandbags on, the PAX traveled to the HHS stadium entrance and joined the Boiler Room crew for a warm-up where we agreed to a 45-min workout.
Red Dawn peeled off to a portion of the shelter and did our thang, a rucking Dora. One partner did a sandbag clean and then hurled it towards the street and returned by alternating sideways throws. The other partner started the workout, which was 100 hand release merkins, 200 squats and 300 WWII. In retrospect, that was a lot of WWIIs, but we did it.
We moseyed around the lot back to the rain-soaked flag for kettlebells swings till time.
Announcements: World Cup, Roadside clean-up, Parade, Dirty Santa.
Prayers: Recovery for Jeffrey, Floppy’s Son-in-law.