Backblast by Billy Goat on 12/06/2022

Pax: B&E, Bill Nye, Counterfeit, Curves, Deez Fools, Ham, Honky Tonk, Peat Moss, Pierogi, Rio, Roscoe P, Squeaks, Tarzan, Wrigley

Q: Billy Goat

Fifteen wannabe Santas gathered for a holiday rockin’ good time at Bandwidth. Starting with Side Straddle Hop, Good Mornings, Imperial Squat Walkers, Peter Parker Peters and standard Merkins, the Pax next Grinch Walked/Moseyed to the CMUs. Marching single file while doing curls, presses and rifle carries, the HIMs gathered at the suck blocks for something a little different.

Setting up one CMU at each corner of a planter, the Pax rotated counterclockwise through 5 reps of abyss merkins with right hand on CMU/left hand on suck block, 5 abyss merkins on the opposite side, 5 Bulgarian split squats with right leg on suck block, 5 Bulgarian split squats with left leg up. This sequence was on repeat until the Santa Pax were sufficiently conditioned to climb chimneys.

Moseying to the dock, the Pax split into two groups performing “Elf on the Shelf” (squat to place block on dock left followed by squat to dock right) at the ground floor and Blockees at the top floor. As the Elf Shelfers finished their ten reps, the crews switched positions. RIP to Wrigley’s “Elf.” This sequence continued for two rounds before an audible of 10 “poolside dips” followed by the Pax exiting through the gate that always never gets used.

At the first playground, two set of Mary, Heavy WW2 and “Jenny on the Block” (JLos with feet elevated on CMU), were deftly executed. Moseying to the tires, loaded tire squats were called. With a declaration of war on the Easter Bunny, the Pax engaged in Murder Bunnies on the stretch between the tires and the track.

At the track wall, YHQ called, “Santa’s Lap” consisting of Peoples’ Chair with block on knee while Pax stated Christmas wishes for themselves and others. A set of shrugs and a set of Alpos (cross grip upright rows) finished out the track work before moseying back with additional rifle carries and curls to store the CMUs.

Dirty Santa will meet first at Bojangles (0800) after the Farm this Saturday though the plan is to move back to the Farm for the raucous unwrapping debauchery.

Prayers for Pierogi’s friend’s mom (cancer), Roscoe P’s friend (health issues), and peace in Ham’s home as families gather for the holiday.

Great work, Santas!