Backblast by Flush (Clay Campbell) on 03/14/2024

Backblast! Dark Knight Pi 2024

AO: Dark Knight
Q: Flush (Clay Campbell)
PAX: Klinger – eric dixon, Don Curtis (Head Nurse), Gilmore (Jim T), Stairway, Kelly Barnes, Goober
FNGs: None
Count: 6

Gorgeous Thursday afternoon day in March.

Pi day. 3.14.


Warm-A-Rama / Stretch-A-Rama
SSH IC to 25
Hillbilly’s – IC count for 15
Arm Circles Forwards – IC count for 15
Arm Circles Backwards – IC count for 15
Quad Stretches – hold quad in place – count to 10 each leg
Hamstring Stretches (lean down and stretch with one leg over the other, switch, and then legs together)
Downward Dog Calf Stretch


Thang 1
Stop on the trail as we head towards Thang 2:
5 Burpees OYO.

Thang 2
On the small loop, head over to the hill near the back side. 11’s. WWIIs at the bottom, Bear Crawl up, Carolina Drydocks at the top, Mosey down.

Thang 3

1st Triangle of Pain (grassy area):
Prisoner Kneel to Stands – 14 rep count
Hydraulic Planks – 14 rep count
Bonnie Blairs – 14 rep count – each leg is ½
Mosey for a bit.
2nd Triangle of Pain:
Mountain Climbers – IC count for 14
Plank Jacks – IC count for 14
Jump Squats – 14 rep count
Mosey for a bit.

3rd Triangle of Pain:

Imperial Walkers – IC count for 14
Heel Touches – IC count for 14
Shoulder Taps – IC count for 14

Thang 4

Rock work at the bridge. Non traveling Rock.

15 x Curls
20 x Overhead Press
25 x Bent Rows
30 x Chest Press


-Freddy Mercurys IC to 20
-Supermans on my up to 15
-Flutter Kicks IC to 20
-Homer to Marge IC to 10
-V-ups IC to 15
-Stretch for the last minute with Pigeon stretch


Convergence at Knightdale Station Park on 3/16 at 7:00 (1 hour). Pot ‘O Gold 5K to follow at 9:00. 3/22 March Madness 2nd-f luncheon at Real McCoy’s. Afterwards at Waffle House’s House.


36 Birthday Burpees for Stairway were shared amongst the 6 Pax. Blessed with a beautiful day!