Backblast by Flush (Clay Campbell) on 02/25/2023

12 tough dudes got up this morning to #dohardthings at Red Dawn. Way to put in the work this morning, boys!

Red Dawn – 02.24.23
12 PAX in attendance: Chicken Hawk, Febreze, Floppy Disk, Flush (Q), Green Thumb, Ham, Menthol, Phunny, Pierogi, Pitchfork, Prius, Thingamabob

Circle Up
-Disclaimer: F3 is #1 FREE, #2 open to all men, #3 peer-led in a rotating fashion, #4 held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold, and #5 we always end in a circle of trust. I am not a professional. I am not aware of any injuries you may have – MODIFY as necessary – push yourself, but do not hurt yourself. The creedo of F3 is, “Leave no man behind, leave no man where you found him.”

Warm-A-Rama / Stretch-A-Rama (est. 4 mins)
—Rucks on and head to the T intersection on the greenway trail

Thang 1 – Ruck PT 101 (est. 20 mins)

Ruck Merkins x10 OYO
Ruck Mountain Climbers x20 IC
Ruck Get Down, Get Up x30 OYO
Ruck Squats x40 OYO
Ruck Lunges x50 (each leg is 1) OYO
Recovery 10 Count
—Rucks Off—
Overhead Press x50 OYO
Ruck Curls x40 OYO
Ruck High-Pulls x30 OYO
Ruck Swings x20 OYO
—Rucks Back On—
Ruck Merkins x10 OYO

Thang 2 (4 mins)
Ruck as a group back to the flag – 6 sandbags for 12 PAX – switch out every 2 mins

-Flutter Kicks with Ruck held overhead IC – 30 ct.

Joined Boiler Room for AC/DC Thunderstruck Merkins to finish at 0615.