Backblast by F3 Phunny on 06/02/2023

It was a beautiful morning at Red Dawn for some ruck and sandbag work. After warm up, ruckers moved to the soccer field for a Dora, all with ruck on.
• 50 burpee to sandbag deadlift
• 50 sandbag cleans
• 50 sandbag overhead presses
• 50 sandbag back squats
• 50 ruck V-ups
• Movement was a fast strict ruck (no running) across the field and back. Strict ruck develops walking strength in hips, quads, and a calves.
After the Dora, we did a fast strict ruck around both soccer fields for time.

And after that, we headed back to the start point, but played with the Bootcampers doing some running/burpee intervals.