Backblast by Elton (Tim) on 04/04/2023

Date: 4/4/2023
AO: Bandwidth
Q: Elton
PAX (18 Total): Ham, Spitvalve, Curves, Rims, Billy Goat, Thingamabob, Tube Top, Roscoe P, Crunchy, Hambone, Infidel, B&E, Poncharello, Mr. Belding, Peat Moss, Huxtable, Tarzan.

Warm-Up: SSH, Good Mornings, Willy Mayes Hayes, Merkins, Various stretching.

PAX was split into two teams based on age – The Young and The Wise.

Continued warm-up with an Indigenous People Run around parking lot.

The Thang:
Each team was evenly spaced around the elementary school (~600 yards) for a relay race. 10 lb. medicine balls were used as batons. Each team member would sprint to the next team member and then perform one set of 30 merkins, 30 alternating lunges, or 30 LBC’s while waiting for the baton to return to them. Each PAX performed 12 sprints and 4 sets of each of the 3 exercises. In the end, youth overcame wisdom.

Continued prayers for my father as he continues in hospice care. Prayers for all of the expecting parents. Prayers for Boyz II Men’s father.

Thank you for joining me this morning and a huge thanks to those that have reached out directly with words of encouragement.