Backblast by Dowry (Derrick Wolfe) on 03/09/2024

Backblast! Pawnee’s Lesson Plan

AO: Farm
Q: Dowry (Derrick Wolfe)
PAX: Trey Fussell (Bill Nye), Spit Valve (Geoff), Play-Doh (Josh Herring), Lucky , Gilmore (Jim T), Floppy Disk (Tom Neal), Mediocre/Dan , Flush (Clay Campbell)
FNGs: None
Count: 9

20 (Cadence) Side straddle hops
20 (Cadence) Imperial Walkers
10 (Cadence) Hillbillies
10 (3ct) Willie Mays Hayes
10 (Cadence) Sir Fazio arm circles, front and back
5 (Cadence) Good mornings
Downward Dog
10 count Calf Stretch (L&R)
10 count Runner’s Stretch
The Thang 1 (Core)
Area 1: Gazebo
2 minute burnout of WW2
20 count rest
2 minute burnout of V Ups or Greg Louganis
20 count rest
Partner up
One partner stays in high plank while the other partner does 5 LBCs and the other partner does 10 LBCs. They switch and the other partner does 15 LBCs, while in high plank. Keep adding 5 reps to the count until they get to 50 reps.
Next exercise is the American Hammer. Pax do as many as possible. As each PAX stops they then go into high plank. The last one still doing American hammer “wins”.
Mosey to Covered Picnic Area
The Thang 2 (Upper Body)
Area 2: Picnic Area
2 minute Irkin burnout on edge of picnic tables
20 count rest
1 minute Merkin burnout
20 count rest
15 (Q-Down) Dips
12 (Q-Up) Derkins.
20 count rest
Partner up
One partner holds a plank while the other does 1 burpee. They switch and the other partner does 2 burpees. They switch and the other partner does 3 burpees. They do this rotation until they get to 10.
Mosey to the Middle School Bus Area
The Thang 3 (Lower Body)
Area 3: Covered Bus Area
Pax picked a pillar
Perform a 2 minute walk sit.
10 count rest
2 minute squat burnout
20 count rest
Rinse and Repeat reduce burnout time to 1 min
Pax then go back into wall sit on the pillars. Each pax goes down the line and bear crawls from one end of the covered area to the other then back to their wall sit location while others are waiting doing wall sits. (Called Audible). Lunges/Mosey and packed PAX closer on pillars. Complete until all PAX are done with their turn.
Mosey Back to Covered Picnic Area.
10 count (Cadence) Elevated Homer to Marge (Only one heel on bench) Other leg extended out (Spit-Valve Call).
Mosey Back to Flag
Have a Nice Day
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Green Thumb’s BBQ, Convergence next Sat at Knightdale Station followed by 5K, Friday after next March madness Luncheon followed by Waffle House BBB – See details on FB (events), Forest Fest in WF 04.20 (F3NE) has a booth & looking for Pax to help, The Deacon need routes and Pax to step-up, FiA at Joyner Park Tu&Th at 6:30am tell your M’s, Spring Foward tonight,
COT: Floppy’s Fam and getting healthy, Play-Doh and his wife trying to get pregnant, Spit Valve’s son improving his mental health.

Good push HIM and thanks for rain holding off (for the most part)

Pawnee's Lesson Plan