Backblast by Billy Goat on 11/01/2023

AO: Bandwidth
Date: 31-Oct-2023
PAX: Spit Valve, Rio, B&E, Roscoe P, EKG, Dumbledore, Manny, Dig Dug, FNG Taster’s Choice, Jingle, Housekeeping, Snoopy, Bill Nye, Infidel, Elton, BTS, Kindergarten Cop
Q: Thingamabob and Billy Goat

Nineteen well-oiled Pax engaged in a SWOLE-oween workout for the ages. YHC (Yo’ Hans Correspondent) and Thingamabob tag teamed for a Hans and Franz beatdown. The preamble aimed at singling out the girly men for whom F3 is dedicated to providing maximum gainz in body, mind, and spirit. Side straddle hop, guten morgens, Sir Flexios, Merkins, Mountain climbers, Hill Billy’s and Flexees (burpee with a pose at the top) got the Pax warm before some light yodeling.

Traveling the the suck blocks, Hans and Franz demonstrated proper form for a series of towel resistance exercises including shoulder press/lat pulldowns, chest press/flyes, lat pullovers, curls//tcep extensions, and opposing Freddie Mercuries.

After a semi-satisfying round pumping each other, the Pax set off in search of Pumping Iron. The first trial was a round of Austrian mountain climbers with a balls to the wall challenge easily overcome by the strong HIMs. Next up was a standard Dora (100 Merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBCs) with travel featuring heavy sandbags and various goat accouterments.

Moving to the playground, Thingamabob challenged the Pax pairs to 50 pull-ups. Back to the wall, the final call was 2×10 perfect form Merkins with the alternating partner coaching from People’s chair.

Thanks to Thingamabob for kicking off our November (early) with sharing what brought him to F3, what keeps him with F3, and what keeps him up at night. Great Co-Q, brother!!

Prayers for Bill Nye’s grandmother and for Snoopy’s aunt.

Welcome, FNG: Taster’s Choice!

Great Push! Happy Halloween!!