Backblast by Billy Goat on 09/19/2023

AO: Bandwidth
Date: 19-Sep-2023
Pax: Patch Adams, Melamine, Rio, BTS, Higgins, Poncherello, Jingle, Pawnee, Bean Counter, Squeaks, Tendinitis, Snoopy
Q: Billy Goat
Theme: 919-Day!

‘Twas three months before Christmas
‘Nary a ‘Ho’ in sight
Not an M’ up peeking
Not e’en Mrs. Squeaks :mouse:
The coupons were positioned around the AO with care
In hopes that eager HIMs soon would be there
The 2.0s were nestled all snug in their beds
With visions of kettle bells swung ‘bove their heads

(Apostrophes as requested by the site Q)

YHQ was far too eager for another 12 days of Christmas to let the local 919 holiday slip past as an adequate surrogate. Stacking presents underneath the tree was replaced with a 9-1-9 theme in which the Pax executed two calls at 9 reps while strategically placed gifts were incorporated in a rotating motion. Stations were as follow:

• One 10 lb mace swung in Conan the Barbarian style with 9 SSH AND 9 overhead claps
• Two CMUs for blockees with burpees and shoulder taps worked in
• Three kettle bells for the “Dr. Clesp” combo move that YHQ cooked up for The Blitz (deadlift-row-clean-squat-press). Lt. Dan and Ranger merkins were the 9-9 call
• Four dumbbells for front raise, side raise. Bobby Hurley and Star Jumps
• Five minutes of Mary featuring Snoopy’s first call (WW2) and Tendinitis style burpees
• Six swing set pull ups and six swing pike to Merkins
• Sevens with HRR Merkins (hand release release) and squat to tuck jump (I.e. the imaginary box jump)
• Eight jump ropes for 91 jumps followed by 9 Peter Parker Merkins
• Nine bands for side shuffles
An extra round with various calls was added after the 5-6 combo and the Pax managed to wrap at precisely 0615! Reminder: number based Qs are cliché and fully unnecessary. Run around! Do stuff!!

Adopt-a-highway on 3-Sep. Odyssey CSAUP also upcoming.

Prayers for Snoopy’s friend undergoing brain surgery.

Great work!