Backblast by Bean Counter (Coleman B.) on 11/02/2023

AO: Max Bandwidth
Date: 11/2/23
Count: 16
Theme: A “leg” up on the competition
Pax: Infidel, EKG (______) , Dowry (Derrick Wolfe) Dig Dug, Rio (Andrew DiGiovanni), Elton (Tim), BTS, BNE, Billy Goat, Tube Top (Matt Boretti), Josh Burton (jingle), Spit Valve (Geoff), tasters choice, Bean Counter (Coleman B.), Snoopy (Barron Holland), Dumbledore
Q: Bean Counter (Coleman B.)

Warm-up: welcome, disclaimer, mission. Good mornings, windmills, imperial walkers, stretching, mountain climbers, and forward fold. Optimal stretching time of 20 seconds achieved :smirk:.

Thang: Run to rock pile for rock leg circuit of front squat, Romanian, deadlift, side lunges, forward lunges. Intense scrutiny placed on the squat form of Rio (Andrew DiGiovanni) by Tube Top (Matt Boretti). Alternating rocks each time.

Run to trash more. Stop halfway for leg circuit: Rockette kick squats, quarter turn squats, and squat jacks. Run to top: for jump squats, reverse lunge, and standard squats.

Back down for more squats at bottom. Run to field. Sprint across field to lot for mary and cot.

LBCs, reverse LBCs, Tar heels to heaven (with a champion mindset:sunglasses:), zombie crunches (in honor of States dead football season :skullandcrossbones:), and end on chill cut hold. Have a nice day to conclude.

End with announcements and prayers.

Great work by all!