Backblast by Trey Fussell on 10/29/2022

AO: Clarion
Conditions: 53 and drizzly
Q: Bill Nye
PAX: American dad, Stryper, Huggies, snappy, Sharkbait, Iverson, Hubert, Deez Fools, Hulka, Tarzan, and Kubota

Side straddle hop
Good Mornings
Moroccan Nightclubs
Imperial walkers
Plank while we wait for Hubert to get gloves

The Thang:
Mosey to pull ups
Each do 15 while others cycle through plank 10 counts
Rt arm up
With rt leg up
Left arm up
With left leg up

Mosey to rocks at LME (10 reps per rock until you get 50 reps)
Tricep Ext.
Bent Rows
KettleBell Swing

Circle the School w/ a Partner
Each partner goes in the opposite direction
When 1st you meet, P1 = 10 merkins; P2 = 10 Squats
When 2nd you meet, flip flop
Go until time is called

Mary: (On dry pavement)
Peeples chair with a 10 count down the line
Captain America (1:4 with WW2 and Am. Hammers)
Homer to Marge

Prayers for the men running the Tuna this morning, prayers for Ellery, Molly and Anthony and their marriage, and Stripers new job