Backblast by Green Thumb on 10/29/2022

AO: The Farm
Q: Green Thumb
Pax: Floppy Disk & Wrigley

Thinking of (and missing) our F3 Brothers on the Tuna Trail this morning, 3 PAX ran around and did stuff as Green Thumb improvised with the late Q pick-up. Signup sheets are still pretty open.

Warmup: SSH, Good Mornings, Willie Mays Hayes, Imperial Walkers, and Hillbillies

Mozied to the large picnic shelter for some bench work
*20 (each leg) Bulgarian Split Squats*
*15 (ic) Calfraises with the bench*
*15 (ic) LSF*
*15 Leg Lifts*
*15 (ic) Irkins*
*Repeat for two sets*

Next, mozied to the dip bars with intermittent lunge walks and bear crawls as we traveled.
At the dip bars, *3 sets of AMRAP dips and 20 squats*
Mozie to the pull-up bars for *3 sets of AMRAP pull-ups and 20 (ic) LBC.*
Mozie to front picnic shelter for *20 (L/R = 1) step-ups,* then to soft grass for a set of *Jack Webs up to 10*.
Fellowship mozie around the short loop and back to the flag for 7 minutes of Mary

Mary: Freddie Mercuries, LSF, Box Cutters, Zombie Crunches, Hommer to Marge, & WW II.

Be on the look out for a Christmas Parade volunteer sign-up sheet this week. Dec 4, Roseville, 1-3:30 ish likely times needed.

Prayers for safety and praise for those running the Tuna. Praise for new and newly expecting family members. Prayer for those with illness, PAX, M’s and 2.0’s all.