Backblast by Ray Perry on 10/26/2022


Site: The Armory
Q: Green Thumb

12 PAX: Webster, Buckshot, Mr. T, Half Life, Chicken Hawk, Ham, Ascot, Little Dingy, Floppy, Crab Pot, Counterfeit

The average age of PAX was significantly lower today with 11 PAX following Green Thumb around a foggy Armory this morning.
Warm ups: SSH, Good Mornings, Willie Mays Hayes, Sir Fazios, and some dynamic movements (knee pulls, high kicks, butt kickers, carioca, followed by paint the lines)

Thing 1: multiplied round of 7’s. Total reps each set equals 35 (5*7), Counts of 5-30, 10-25, …., 25-10, 30-5. *Wide Arm Merkins* at one end and *jump squats* at the other.

Thing 2: 3 PAX Dora, One Pax conducted reps for count, one Pax AMRAP plank-jacks, with one PAX running across the parking lot. Exercises were *100 Diamond Merkins*, *200 Lunges* (sc), and *300 CBL*

Mozied back to the flag just in time for Green Thumbs watch to die, must mean have a nice day.

Announcements: Check the calendar for upcoming events, 10K run, Roseville Christmas Parade, and Dirty Santa.

Prayers for Ascot’s and Floppy’s wives, Rebecca and Laura, and Ascot’s parents while traveling. Happy running for our Tuna Relay crew this weekend.

*V-Q Alert* – Counterfeit tomorrow at Max Bandwidth